Honour Roll

Peter Leverett

Barbershopper of the Year (BOTY)


Awarded to Peter Leverett

This year was won by Peter Leverett. His nominations all applaud the way he has taken on the role of Chairman this year. The nominations also recognise the hard work he did in setting up the West Country tour, which was enjoyed by all. Pete (on the right) is being presented the trophy by BotY Manager Crawford Anderson. Well done, Pete.

Other nominees were:-
Brian Milbank, Ken Tollman, Andy Pearce and Ed Deacon. Congratulations for the nominations.


Criteria for BOTY

Barbershopper of the Year has very simple rules. Members of the club nominate individuals a few weeks before the AGM. On the evening of the AGM, the final ballot list is given to all members. Whoever receives the most votes wins.

Criteria for The Face Award

The winner is chosen by the Chorus Director for the member who performs the best on the Convention stage.

Roll of honour

Year Barbershopper
of the year
The Face Award
2023 Peter Leverett no award this year
2022 Ian Dent no award this year
2021 Alex de Bruin no award this year
2020 Alex de Bruin and Phil Paine no award this year
2019 Ken Mills Ed Deacon
2018 Pat Perridge Mike Goddard/ Andrew Yates
2017 Martin Proctor Clive Pugh
2016 Phil Paine Peter Leverett
2015 Phillip Ward Andy Pearce
2014 Ian McDonald Paul Jones
2013 Brian Milbank Mike Taylor
2012 Paul Jones Brian Callaghan


Hall of Fame

Individuals who have provided meritorious service to the Club may be awarded Hall of Fame Membership.

The list is reviewed and amended as necessary at each AGM and the current Hall of Fame Members are as follows:

  • Haydn Adams – Ex-Chorus Manager
  • Liz Croft – Ex-Musical Director
  • Gerry Holland – Founder Member
  • Heather Mills – Services in the Welfare post
  • Ken Mills – Ex-Treasurer, 20+ years
  • Barry Nowell – Ex-Musical Director
  • Rhiannon Owens-Hall – Ex-Musical Director and Coach
  • Tony Searle – Ex-Musical Director
  • Irene Starkie – Ex-Secretarial Services
  • Barry Towner – Long-Distance Coach
  • Sharon Towner – Long-Distance Coach
  • Phillip Ward - services to pitch-piping for the chorus for the last 30 years

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